Mimos Pillow S (formerly known as XL size)

Mimos Pillow S (formerly known as XL size)

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MIMOS PILLOW is a tridimentional polyester pillow which designed specially by doctors, neurosurgeonand physiotherapist to reduce the pressure under the head. This allows the head to grow normally and round out to its natural shape.

It is very effective when used before 6 months of age. It is recommended to use the pillow for prevention from the very first day of life. 

This model is indicated for purchase if your baby iss between 1 and 5 months. you can use it until 10 months of age or until the baby moves out of it by himself. If by this time your doctor still recomends to use it, then you will need to buy Mimos XXL

Mimos pillow is not designed to help you position your baby in any certain way. It works by allowing a natural non forced sleeping posture and relieving the pressure from the back of the head.

Just place your baby head on the center of the pillow cavity and allow him to sleep as she please as long as the head stays in the cavity. She will turn the head from side to side and that is a very good thing since she is reinforcing her neck muscles and by that reducing side preference. We believe this is a more sensible strategy than forcing the baby to stay on a certain position.


Which pillow is the right size for my baby ?

Mimos Pillow selection depends strictly on the baby's age since is the best way to know head size, neck size and developmental needs.

For Premature babies, please use adjusted age, as if it was born on due date.

Warning: None of the sizes are intended for use on an incubator.

Select a Mimos size by the age the baby is at the moment you buy, and follow the maximum usage recommendation on the table below

 We strongly recommend to use our specially made with breathable material to ensure the effectiveness of the  pillow.

If you are residing in Indonesia please email your order to mimos@babiesculture.com
We will arrange a direct shipment to your Indonesia address.