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Mimos Pillow is specifically designed and tested for prevention and correction of babies flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly and other cranial deformities.

It is a Medical Grade Baby Pillow tested and recommended by pediatric doctors and neurosurgeons in Europe, and specialists in Canada, US and Australia.

Mimos Pillow comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate babies’ developmental stage such as bone maturity and motor development. The design of pillow allows 180° head and neck rotation which is extremely important for the prevention of asymmetry of neck muscle tightness and deformational plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome.

Mimos Pillow comes with several safety certifications such as anti-suffocation 3D spacer porous fabric, Allergen, dust mite and chemical FREE; it is completely safe for babies.

The pillow can be used with or without pillow cover.  Pillow covers are made from specially designed breathable 100% cotton.  Colours are available in white, pink and blue trim.  Both pillow and cover are Oekotex certified.  They are soft, light and very comfortable.

A recent review in Spain by pediatric neurosurgeon concludes that “Mimos Pillow is the only pillow available in the market that is safe and effective to prevent baby flat head syndrome”. Health ministry in Spain recommends its use in a policy guidebook destined to pediatric doctors.

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