The Mimos® Air Spacer Baby Pillow

The Mimos® 3D Air Spacer Baby Pillow

MIMOS PILLOW is a tridimensional polyester pillow which designed specially by doctors, neurosurgeon and physiotherapist to reduce the pressure under the head.

This allows the head to grow normally and round out to its natural shape. It is very effective when used before 6 months of age. It is recommended to use the pillow for prevention from the very first day of life.

This new innovative baby pillow with combined features of effective reduction of pressure, safety, comfort and hygiene.

  • 400% Less pressure. Effective for prevention and treatment of mild positional plagiocephaly in young babies (protecting baby’s soft head from flattening on the back or side of the head).

  • Completely Safe for babies of all ages. 100% breathable. 94% of the volume is air. Mimos® 3D baby pillow is made of 100% Oekotex certified spacer fabric.

  • Soft and comfortable. Mimos® air spacer baby pillow is made of 100% supersoft and flexible 3D spacer fabric.Help your baby has a restful sleep.
  • Dry and cooling. It provides dry sleeping environment without accumulation of moisture and heat, especially suitable for by young infants.

  • Anti-Allergen with Optimum hygiene. The Mimos® 3D baby pillow are anti-allergic, antistatic, devoid of 100 harmful substances and resistant to mites and fungi. The pillow can be cleaned effortlessly and dries quickly.

  • Oekotex 100 Class I. Certified safe for direct baby skin contact. Mimos 3D baby pillow is made of 100% Oekotex certified spacer fabric.

  • No Active Reposition Needed. The baby can freely sleep and move in the pillow without need to reposition the direction of the head.

  • EU Medical Class 1 Approved Baby Pillow. CE Certification Class 1 Medical Device – European Authority Approved.



The Mimos® 3D Air Spacer Fabric 

3D spacer fabric, the new revolutionary textile

The main properties of knitted spacer fabrics are:

  • good distribution of pressure peaks. Millions of microfilaments act as miniatures pressure relieve springs.
  • dispersion of air and moisture. Liquid and air pass through the upper surface and the microfilaments helps to transport liquid away, as well as allowing for the flow of air.
  • easy washable and dryable.
  • recyclable and non-poisonous.

Spacer fabric is soft and flexible



Why Mimos Pillow is Very Effective?

MIMOS PILLOW support baby’s soft skull during sleeping or when baby is laying on a hard or flat surface such as mattress or in a stroller. The pillow adapts to any head shape and therefore is not necessary to counter-rotate or reposition the head as usually recommended by doctors before the existence of MIMOSPILLOW.

As long as the head rests on the pillow cavity, the pressure spots are eliminated and the head can be round out.


MIMOS PILLOW redistributes the weight of baby’s head onto a bigger surface area therefore it will avoid constant high pressure spot that produce skull flattening over time.

  • 400% more surface area of contact
  • effective in reducing and redistributing pressure
  • Head shape well preserved
Water ballon on pillow                                                        Water ballon on mattress                               



head support on pillow                                                                   head support on mattress                                             


Mapping of the surface area of contact between a 5 months old baby's head using Mimos pillow (picture left) and a standard mattress (picture right)

There is 400% more surface area of contact in the case of the Mimos baby pillow compared to a standard mattress. Mimos baby pillow effectively reduces pressure on the baby's head and it is good for prevention of flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly).

Mimos Pillow also effectively preserves the normal head shape (balloon demonstration). On the other hand the high pressure on the standard mattress produces flat spot.


MIMOS PILLOW is the only medical pillow with safety certification from established certification body in the world;

• Airflow Safety - Anti Suffocation TUV Certification

• European Safety Certification EN71-1 “Safe for children 0-3years”

• Textile Safety Certification - Okotex Class 100 Safe for Babies

• CE Mark Certification


MIMOS PILLOW the only medical baby pillow recommended by more than 1000 pediatric doctor, physiotherapist, neurosurgeon and midwife around the world


The Right Size of Pillow for The Right Age Baby

MIMOS PILLOW comes in 4 different sizes for every stage of baby’s growth: neck length and head size.

Please see below table:

The pillow can be used as itself or with a special cover made of 100%breathable cotton fabric for safety reason don’t use any other fabric to cover the pillow. The pillow is machine washable. Please read the washing instructions on the label.


MIMOS PILLOW Comparison Table 



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