"We recommended the use of MIMOS PILLOW based on its oberved, anecdotal and theoretical effectiveness. The viscoelesctic (memory-foam) material may seem best suited to be a material that adopts to the body as a function of pressure and heat but such material does not allow air circulation and could suffocate the baby and we consider dangerous. Some manufacturers have claimed to solve the problem by making holes on the foam, but we consider it not enough and there is no scientific evidence or safety test that guarantees that. Other pillows, filled with polyester fibers, cannot even withstand the weight of the head, and are deformed easily being totally useless. We have analysed a total of 15 pillows on market and only MIMOS PILLOW shows to us both effective and safe. "

Dr. Joseph Maria i Costa

Head of Neurosurgery of Saint Joan de Deu Hospital, Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Joan Bosch i Hugas

Pediatric doctor at CAP Rambla de Saint Feliu de Llobregat, Spain.


"As a new mother I always tried my best to give the best for my first baby. Now he is a healthy 3 months baby boy who can drink, play and sleep well. The best gift I bought for him is the Mimos Pillow. It gives me the peace of mind that the pillows helps my baby not to develop flat head. When he was just 2 months old, I found out that his head at the back was a little flat. I have already bought different kind of pillow from baby stores and it seems that the conditions did not improve. Until I got the information of Mimos Pillow from the Internet, then I decided to buy for my baby. Ever since he slept on it, his head shape now became round again. Most important is that he is sleeping well through out the night with his favourite Mimos Pillow.. I can sleep well now too. Thank you Mimos Pillow."

Annie (Mother of Baby Wen from Singapore)


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